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Title: Skandl! (Chapter 13)

Pairing(s): TaengSic, side!YulTi

Rating/Genre: PG-13; AU Idol Romance

Warning(s): Watch your step.

Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.

Author's Notes: I’m baaaaack!! Thanks for being awesome, y’all. :’)

Thirteen: Jessica


Granola, poppy seeds, yogurt, blueberries, yogurt, lemon curd, sliced strawberries, Jessica mentally recited as she layered appropriate ingredients into the fourth of six parfait glasses. Among a whirlwind of tasks, appearances, vocal training, dance, and nonstop awareness of the media, Soojung’s intention to push the older sibling in front of a kitchen appliance beared no results. So, this was the next best thing: heatless meals.

Jessica’s involvement in the breakfast cycle lost its edge after her first attempt--simply arranging a spread of bagels and fruit. These girls, she discovered, ate literally anything remotely edible. She should have picked up on this sooner from Tiffany’s oatmeal torture and Sooyoung’s precollection for cold pizza every turn. To Jessica’s delight, Seo Juhyun and Hyoyeon were the real magicians of the kitchen, tirelessly battling for Lucky Six’s Top Chef title.

Seohyun rinsed a handful of blueberries, piling them aside to dry. “Practice went perfectly yesterday. A healthy morning meal should give everyone the boost for a repeat this afternoon.”

Jessica sneaked a berry to her mouth, grinning. Elite’s original plan wasn’t to come out with a new single so early, yet due to internal fuckery, the Six were briefed, styled, and given the green light to rehearse “Charged on Kisses”. And this track in particular contained more lines and adlib opportunities for Jessica. Thrilling, though she’d only revealed these feelings to her girlfriend. Lucky Six re-stoked her zeal for taking the stage. New songs she could claim as her own and perform as a unit with amazing women made idol heartaches worth the strain.

Taeyeon had been busy, too. Skandl yoyoed many trips to China in the past weeks, promoting a Mandarin translation of “Knives”. She hinted at a drama version of its music video and it tickled Jessica’s Rumor side pink.

Physically pink in the cheeks, she unlocked her phone to skim unread texts on Chatty Bang Bang. The cute messaging app embodied their safe space since the blind item reveal a month ago. Restless from lockdown, Taeyeon put 300% more effort into their chats and weekly Skype dates. At least something good came out of that gay witch hunt.

M00dy bear: morning, swt♥. woke up to this. made me think of you ;)

As the picture attachment loaded, Jessica slouched onto the counter, dopily fixated. It took a lot out of the girl to use non-assholic endearments. Hence the abbreviation.

“How’s Taeyeon?”

Jessica hicked, incredulous. “Am I that obvious?”

Seohyun topped the last parfait with a perfect circle of juicy red slices. “I would say so. You only smile if someone makes you smile and well,” She shrugged, blushing herself. “Your partner makes you smile often.”

“I guess you’re right.”

“We don’t have…” Seohyun took pause while she washed her hands. “...the best history with Taeyeon. So, it’s awkward for me. Seeing you hit it off changes my perspective. She’s a stable soul, correct?”

Jessica hadn’t gotten around to inquiring on their mysterious past. Out of fear or merely a lack of needing to know. It didn’t affect their current situation, anyway. “You’d be surprised. My bear’s sensitive and tender and--oh my god!

The zoomed-in shot of a massive spider knocked the flattery train off its rails. Very hairy and very, very dead. Next to its upturned, curled carcass lay a few crooked, severed legs. Seohyun rushed to her side and groaned in disgust. “There goes my appetite.”

“Ugh,” Jessica exited the full-screen view, suddenly more green than giddy. “Tae sent it to me. Said it made her think of me.”

Seohyun snickered. “How sensitive and tender.”

“I rescind everything. She’s nasty and demented.”

C♡ma: whyyyy?? ;(((
C♡ma: SO mean to me…:(
M00dy bear: lol.

“That reminds me,” Seohyun said as she helped Jessica set the table. “It’s about your PicPockette.”

“What about it?”

“I think I should stop sweeping through your hate comments.”

Jessica gathered six sterling spoons, frowning to herself. “Why?”

“Honestly,” Seohyun took the silverware from her hands to make face. “Non-Korean comments are difficult to decipher, filtering only brings in petty trolls, and most of all, it’s not helping you. Sica, that ridiculous button trend died down and your fan base is making great strides. Read your most recent posts and you’ll realize the good outweighs the bad.”

Seohyun was right. Anti-duty did less to protect; it served a false sense of security. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. You’re a Lucky Six member and our leader. Here to stay.”

“Do I have to be the leader?” ‘Captain of Lucky Ship’ blood didn’t flow through her brains, as far as Jessica was concerned. Taking the helm suited Tiffany, her girlfriend, and even Jinnie, she bitterly conceded. “Can’t we operate as egalitarians?”

“No-one’s crowning you chief monarch, Sica.”

Jessica couldn't burden Seohyun further, but she also felt unsuitable. Used to functioning on the backburner at Elite for so many years, this type of drive didn’t come easily. Of course there were times she wanted to pump the girls up with a succinct pep talk or command the overbearing members to shut the hell up during meetings. She didn’t want to overstep any boundaries. “Why don’t you take the reigns?”

Seohyun sucked her teeth. “Puh-lease. Nobody listens to me.”

“I don’t!” Sooyoung affirmed, mounting her regular end seat. “Extra seeds in mine, right? I love that shit.”

“Mmhm. And vegan almond yogurt for Yoongie, double blueberries for Hyo, and whipped cream on top for Fany.” Sometimes Jessica wondered if their dorm was only a restaurant in disguise.

“What about me?” Tiffany asked, slumping into her chair.

The room muted for a second, then went back to normal with the clink of Sooyoung digging in. “Your personalized parfait, m’dear.”

She granted an empty nod, bouncing her sloppy bun of dark hair. “Oh.”

The blind item’s eerie accuracy and Skandl’s curfew limitations devastated Tiffany. Similarly to Jessica and Taeyeon’s arrangement, she’d been communicating with Yuri solely through technology. A month had gone by and her homebound sulking had let up enough for her to show up at the dining table again.

“Juice?” she murmured softly, giving Tiffany’s shoulder a squeeze.


Jessica’s practiced smile dropped once she turned to the refrigerator. Memories of a painfully uncomfortable sit-down with JiWook, a few execs, and the group echoed in her mind, turning her stomach.

They’d never outright questioned the manager’s views on homosexuality, yet the glaring offense tinging his every word concerning “vile, distasteful” rumors confirmed their suspicions--he wouldn’t be marching in a gay rights rally any time soon. As a precaution, he warned Lucky Six to curate their associates and cut back on outings in general. Then, near the end of his lecture, he singled out Tiffany, Jessica, and Seohyun--they were the ones to stick close to home upon Elite orders. Despite the foreboding atmosphere, they shared a hysterical laugh at Seohyun’s inclusion the moment JiWook and the suits left.

Unanimously decided, the six took a break from the public eye other than work-related schedules. Even sociable Hyoyeon downsized to exclusive two-woman parties with Sooyoung, as evidenced by loud music and empty vodka bottles in the morning trash.

Hyoyeon spooned a fat scoop of yogurt, eyeing the youngest. “Is the cure for a hangover in this?”

“Hyo!” Seohyun reacted just as the blonde probably planned.

“I’m joking, girl! Unclench.”

Jessica patted Seohyun’s arm after setting a pitcher of orange juice on the table. The woman caught a lot of (love-filled) ribbing from the louder members. Nevertheless, Seohyun kept them in line when Tiffany was out of commission. Jessica thought to take pointers.

“Besides,” Hyoyeon tried her best Gossip Girl impression. “There are bigger issues at play--scandalous shit.”

Splendid. As if they hadn’t reaped their fill of hearsay.

Sooyoung was 100% receptive, audibly sucking poppy seeds from her teeth. “Out with it.”

Jessica pointed a spoon at the empty seat. “Where’s Yoong?”

“Yoona didn’t sleep well,” Seohyun supplied. “When she got home last night, she seemed distracted.”

“Oh, that’s right. She had an evening schedule.”

Hyoyeon shrugged, chomping at the bits to dispel her story. “Yeah, yeah. Someone will brief her later. Anyways,” She wiggled her fingers in ghost story fashion. “This bitch right here has the sauce on our company’s internal fuckery.”

Four spoons halted mid-air, their owners instantly absorbed.

“Notice anything suspicious about the practice building--how it’s no longer shaking from fifteen boys bouncing off the walls?”

“I knew it!” Sooyoung exclaimed, seizing her utensil like a pitchfork. “Which one of them’s suspended?”


“Minseok finally got a girl pregnant.”

Hyoyeon snorted. “Uh, no. Not yet.”

“Did someone quit?”

“Try again.”

Jessica spoke softly, though it turned Hyoyeon’s head. “Drugs?”

The girl’s face lit up. “I would go ding ding ding, except you’re only partially right. A half ding, if you will.”

“Yikes,” Seohyun breathed, “Rehab?”


Tiffany pushed her half-eaten parfait aside, clearly frustrated. “Just say so already.”

“So much for the element of suspense,” Hyoyeon mumbled. She got down to business regardless. “They got jumped.”

A few gasps touched the quiet. Sooyoung asked, “What, all of them?”


“A third of them beaten up?! How bad?”

“Weeks ago, they were at their stupid boy lair, doing whatever they do and some dudes appeared out of nowhere and shit got rough. At the hospital, all five’s blood tested positive for drugs and alcohol, which explains the dead silence on their front.”

Seohyun mouth sagged open. “So, who was it?”

“Luhan and Seok-Jin were fortunate to fair a couple black eyes. Sehun got socked in the nose and a dislocated shoulder. Taehyung and Chanyeol had it the worst--I heard both of them have a broken leg. Channie was hit in the head so hard he blacked out.”

Jessica was frozen to her seat in shock. She had an inkling that drugs were involved in the fray; this went beyond anything she expected. Some of these guys were allies when the training became too hard and she needed a chin-up. To be physically hindered from their goals so early in the game was more than tragic. “What’s going to happen to them?”

Hyoyeon chewed her lip. “Lu, Seok-Jin, and Sehun should be fine in a few weeks. Recovery time for the other two isn’t determined. Hopefully, they’ll be healed for the next comeback or...I have no idea how Elite’s gonna dress this one.”

“Anything stolen?”

“Not a damn thing. People are whispering that the attackers are from the inside since they evaded security so well.”

“Damn,” Sooyoung muttered, scraping at the walls of her glass. “Poor boys.”

“Our upcoming single is distraction Number One. Number Two will be a second subgroup from Fifteen since Triple Threat’s screwed. The Elite team’s also patchworking a new girl group to sway the public’s attention until they come up with a non-defaming lie.”

“Classic Elite.”

That level of danger could have easily happened to Lucky Six, Jessica considered. No wonder JiWook’s panic streak extended. Glancing at Tiffany who wore the same pensive face from the day Jessica came out to the girls, she collected Yoona’s parfait. Breakfast in bed might lift someone’s spirits.


“Yoong?” She knocked twice, pushing the door ajar.

The taller girl tensed, immediately relaxing when Jessica smiled. “I thought you were Seohyun here to yell at me for staying in bed.”

“No, only me with a treat.”

Over time, Jessica could identify the many sides of her groupmates. Timid, eye-averting Im Yoona made her eyes water. Or, that in addition to the grisly Fifteen news. “Did you have a busy night?”

Yoona grunted, stirring the top level strawberries into non-dairy white.

“Want to talk about it?”


“Ah, ‘kay.” Jessica surveyed the tidy room. Framed prints and awards adorned the walls in interior decorator skill. The furniture arrangements had a feng shui appeal. Even the overall color scheme down to the bed linens were unified. Seohyun’s neat-freak nature definitely overruled Yoona’s laid backness in this environment. “Will you stroll those pretty legs into practice today?”

“I’ll be late.”

The tardiness didn’t rattle Jessica; just these subdued replies. She ran a hand through Yoona’s black hair. “Yoongie, babe. You’d tell me if something’s wrong, right?”

“Sica…” Yoona’s puppy eyes blinked into Jessica’s. “You wouldn’t hurt a fly, would you?”

“Well, yeah. I’d kill a fly. But, I wouldn’t hurt you.

Yoona’s smile wrapped around Jessica’s heart. These ladies felt like sisters a tad more every day. “That works for me.”

Jessica leaned into a hug, bedwarm by an unspoken bond. She closed her eyes, wishing with all her being that nothing would steal that grin from her friend’s face ever again.

Distraction Number One was making the appropriate waves. “Charged on Kisses” climbed to the peak of the charts in a day, spurred on by an astonished, thankful populace and their well-paid promotion team. The song had an electropop feel that not only charged the audience; it cheered the girls themselves whenever the catchy mix of horns, lasers, and whistles tumbled into melody. The dance required more exertion than “Rotate the Love Train” and “Astro-Energy!” combined, but they conquered it swimmingly. They had to--it squashed any looming (correct) theories of a rushed song release to cover some menace within the company.

This conveniently coincided with ‘First Class: A Night of the Elite’--a huge concert of Elite’s host of dazzling idol acts. Lucky Six, as always, headlined the show with three of their new tracks in the first half and a couple classics in the latter.

This would be the first time Jessica sang in place of a Bae Jinnie original. Her body’s adrenaline anticipated that very moment. The amazing night, interacting with lively singers and receiving easy back hugs from her girls, permitted a sense of belonging. A cherished aphrodisiac for five and a half hours.

The press release of Sine, a four-member offshoot of Fifteen, and Jolis Hérissons, three wide-eyed ballad vocalists with a penchant for short skirts, evoked mixed reactions, as expected. That didn’t stop the audience from losing all marbles when both groups premiered.

Fifteen fans begrudgingly accepted the five missing links who’d reportedly “took hiatus for undue stress” by Elite orders. The announcement relieved their foaming-at-the-mouth enthusiasts and put the company on a respectable pedestal--win/win.

Three songs were left. “Lilium” and “Every Time’s the Right Time”, two of Lucky’s greatest hits, and a ‘we’re a big happy family; nothing to hide here’ song by all the performers combined in their Elite mascot t-shirts.

“How y’all feelin’ toniiiiight?” Tiffany crooned at the arena in English, easily earning a deafening mix of screams and gold shamrock lightsticks swinging triumphantly.

Concerts brought the best out of Tiffany Hwang. Where she could mesmerize Korea’s Elite patrons, megawatt smile in full throttle. She pulled Sooyoung by a sleeve and they hollered the question even louder, naturally gaining a shriekier response.

“Goody! Okay, soooooo...” Tiffany cheekily spun to acknowledge Jessica. “This version’s going to be a liiiiiiittle different than the old. Please love it as much as we do!”

Tears nearly sprung from her eyes as Yoona and Hyoyeon threw proud arms over her shoulders and waist from either side.

The tight harmony of “Lilium” gobbled every corner of the stadium. Like clockwork, they stepped into their respective ends of the formation. Yoona in the middle, quietly brushing their hands as a last-minute affirmation. She could attest to the extra voice practice Jessica went through to do the hit justice.

An extended remix allowed time for Jessica to close her eyes, take a breather and--


The electric sound was low, but that’s all Jessica needed for her heart to stop. She tapped her ear mic, willing the faulty device to switch back on. It didn’t. She hissed at Seohyun in fright when a raspy laugh slithered through the speakers.

“You didn’t think you’d start this song without me, did you?” A voice from above cackled.

God, it couldn’t be.

Lit up by a circle of beams, Bae Soojin aka Jinnie the Terrible ascended from the floor’s hell trap, exuding a haughtiness that haunted Jessica’s deepest, most unprotected insecurities. Every giant LED screen illuminated the aforementioned face in sickeningly high definition. She could sense the upper level full of stricken idols consuming the scene with as much interest as the fans. Jinnie pressed a handheld, crystal-studded microphone to her Pirate red lips. “Let’s end this iconically, shall we?”

Unlike the others in wedge sneakers, Jinnie dominated in 6-inch heels, an Elite shirt tied snugly over her belly button. The empire waist jeans masked her aforementioned stretch marks well. In fact--Jessica bristled in her stance--she gave the aura of the leader again. Effortlessly.

And Jessica wished to effortlessly wring her neck.

“You missed me, too, my beloved Charms?”

Gold lightsticks flapped in the air enough to break elbows. For most fans, Jinnie had her contract terminated because of ‘life-altering ailments’. So, they wouldn’t understand Seohyun’s clenched fist or Tiffany’s set jaw, for they were just as confused as Jessica.

Jinnie turned towards the team, lipping the word “move” to supercede Yoona’s position in the middle. “I’ll take it from here, Sica. Thank you!”

Behind that chipper tone and unwelcome nickname lay the biggest fucking insult in Jessica’s life.

What else could she do? Only nod stiffly, obediently to the bitch. Then, trot off, stifling tears hot enough to melt flesh.

“Restart the track!” Jinnie’s aegyo voice boomed, “I’m feeling Lucky!”

Jessica’s forced smile was put to the task as she bowed past every gaping staff face, snatching her mic off and placing it gently in a stunned JiWook’s outstretched hand. “Fix that, please.”

“Miss Jung--”

“Don’t make the scene bigger, JiWook. I’m fine.” She pressed on a final smile and picked up speed, running to--anywhere.

The decision was made for her when Kwon Yuri of all people caught her arm, speech laced with distress. “Jess, are you alright?”

“Yul, what--” Jessica stubbed her sentence when Sunny came into view.

“We were gonna surprise you and Fany…” whimpered the guitarist, dressed casually in shorts and sneakers, “That wasn’t supposed to happen, was it?”

She shook her head, feeling her cheeks heat.

“Jinnie’s a cunt.”

Yuri shoved the black-and-white-haired woman in the arm. “Sunny!

“What the fuck?!” Sunny squawked, equally offended, “I use every other word!”

Jessia wiped at the corners of her eyes, thankful for their irreverent comfort. Even Sunny’s attempt. But a particular question tickled her tongue. “Wh-where’s--”

“Is that your manager stalking us?”

She nodded, aware of the man following her step for step. “He’s worried about me.”

“Make him vanish.”

“JiWook shies away whenever the girls and I have intimate moments...”

“Okayyy,” Yuri murmured, “I’m talking. We’re talking.” She cupped both hands on Jessica’s shoulders. “We’re talking some more.”

Jessica snorted at their little charade. “Yadda, yadda dialogue.”

“Sunny, hug her.”

One hesitant pause later, she found herself wrapped into a Lee Sunkyu cocoon. As if the moment couldn’t get weirder, Yuri joined in, fastening awkward arms around them both. Eternities passed until Sunny wrestled free. “Enough, you homos. He’s gone.”

Yuri lead them down a hall. “Musn’t tarry, ladies!”

Jessica nervously scoped top wall corners as they rushed. “Won’t a camera see us?”

“Don’t worry your newbish head,” Sunny whispered, relaying a smile to her taller friend, “most cameras over here are for show. We’ve done some crazy shit behind the scenes of this stadium. But, to be safe...”

Yuri slid a door open. “You have approximately seven minutes. I’ll stand guard.”

“And I’m outta here.” With a push of Sunny’s hand, Jessica tripped into a tiny room of blinking lights and dials. Tumbling into arms she hadn’t bathed in for what seemed like ages.

“Careful, Coma,” Taeyeon giggled, smoothing thumbs beneath Jessica’s wet eyelids. “Hitting any of these buttons will probably shut the show down, not that I’m not tempted.”

Jessica exhaled what she’d been holding for a month and a half. “Tae, you came to see me.”

“If anyone deserves a space on that stage, it’s you. That’s your group, not that fucking snake.”

She grinned for real, stroking the line of Taeyeon’s soft jaw. “Can we not waste our time talking about her?”

“Nice, um...the way you tied your shirt. I’ve been staring.”

Jessica ran fingers into Taeyeon’s brilliant hair. Then, her pinky nail scratched the silver hoop at the corner of her lip. She adored every inch of her girlfriend’s transformation.

In high contrast to the humiliation, this moment of sheer happiness was surreal. It overwhelmed her, even. All she could get out was, “Hi.”

Taeyeon closed her eyes and stopped short of her lips to breathe, “Hi back.”

Kissing Taeyeon brought on so many emotions, Jessica leapt into the curvature of her hungry mouth. Her natural taste, petal-soft fingertips ghosting eights along the small of her back, the scent emanating from her chest, and especially the cool touch of a piercing assaulted the whole of Jessica Jung’s senses. This moment added itself to the stack of nine zillion reasons she’d fallen in love. Reminding her of alternatives to this crummy, invasive universe where she desired to murder Bae Jinnie.

“Tae,” Jessica groaned, threading through those gorgeous locks with both hands, “I wish there were better words for how I feel right now.”

The woman snickered, straight lashes accenting an eyesmile. “Missed you too, sweetheart.”

“Not just...” So unfair. How one human can affect another. “I...I more than like you.”

Their noses grazed, interrupting the static with impatient, wet kisses. Drained of superficial confidence, Taeyeon whispered, “M-my heart’s beating too fast to think.”

“Which means?”

“Did you hear that?”

Shit!” echoed Yuri’s voice from the other side of the door. “Mayday! Mayday!”

They snapped from the heavy conversation just in time to face Taeyeon’s bespectacled manager with a start. Jessica twitched to move; the blonde held her closer instead.

Narsha stone-faced her client, mostly. “Playtime’s over. Out.”

“Jinnie humiliated her. Why should she go back out there?”

Jessica Jung of Lucky Six,” she stressed, not looking her way, “leave before someone worse catches you.”

Jessica nodded an apology, sinking from her favorite arms to walk out. In turn, Taeyeon twirled her back around to plant one more deep, heart-shattering kiss. She whispered into her lips, grinning like a fiend. “Text me tonight, gorgeous.”

“You first.”

She knew Taeyeon was playing the rebel card. Didn’t stop her from smirking over this petulant, bratty lover.

Jessica hadn’t exhausted her fake smile quota after all.

She bopped through the rest of the show, determined to convince Korea, international watchers, Elite peers, and herself that she wasn’t on the verge of emotional combustion.

Jinnie’s grand appearance. The audience’s ecstatic reaction. Visiting Taeyeon for a brief session à la prison. Getting walked in on by a damn manager.

This was a turning point.

Elite reserved one of the nicest restaurants in the city for their entertainers. Jessica concentrated on nibbling her decadent meal and not the blaring center of the long table. Bae Soojin centered herself like Last Supper’s Jesus, animatedly poking jokes, making suggestions, and mentioning an impending solo contract to humorless expressions.

Tiffany sat at her side, uncharacteristically mums about how Jinnie upstaged them. Displeasure could be read from her body language, from how she swigged her cosmo whenever the bigmouth laughed in her direction. Jessica resented her cowardice during the smoothie argument. It was in her defense, for god’s sake. Sadly, she didn’t know how to revisit the subject without making her friend even more miserable. Security had hustled them to their van after the concert; so, Tiffany only snatched a cruel glimpse of Yuri.

To add onto the gloom, Fifteen’s (or, rather, Ten’s) table was death warmed up. Strenuous last-minute comebacks and a lack of illegal energy enhancers...they practically snored bubbles into their bisques.

Her fingers itched to text Taeyeon or her sister. It wasn’t a safe environment to do so, though. Nosy singers and JiWook patrolled their table like a guard dog, producing a less-than-appetizing experience. Specifically with his ominous caution about “palling around with non-traditional women”.

So Jinnie could get off Scott free, but Jessica couldn’t befriend Skandl? Bullshit.

Like a curse, Jinnie followed them home. By then, most had grown haggard and weary from the energy-spending event. Even JiWook, who quietly bid them goodnight from the van. On the flipside, Jessica’s was wide awake, Digivolving out of pure frustration from everyone’s complacency.

“Me oh my!” Jinnie stretched her legs along the couch, hands tucked beneath her head of thick red hair. “Whose room am I crashing?”

Zombies formally known as Lucky Six glanced at one another, unspeaking.

“Yoonaramaaa,” she purred, “you’re skin and bones as it is. I’ll have ample room in your bed.”

“Sure, Jinnie,” Yoona mumbled, giggling.

Jessica recognized that laugh. The same fake, mouth-covering kind from Heechul’s show. She noted the younger girl self-consciously pinch at her own arm. This was unacceptable. “Yoong…”

Large eyes met hers, hardly hiding something bitter. This wasn’t the bouncy ‘Jinnie, are you back?’ girl from before. “Yeah, Sica?”

“If you want, we can share my bed. That way, Jinnie can have all the space she wants.”

Member-shaped sculptures stood half-dressed, agape around the living room and kitchen. Seohyun hadn’t parted her lips from a full glass of water.

The shade didn’t escape Jinnie. “Yoongs already agreed to it, Jung. Let it go.”

“I just think...I think…” She really couldn’t stomach her own weakling voice, when blinding anger made her stutter. “Yoona would be more comfortable spending the night with me.”

Jinnie’s heels hit the floor like gunshots. Gripping the fabric of the couch cushion, she coldly replied, “What the fuck are you on? I’ve known Yoongie longer. She’s like my kid sister.”

“Except, she’s not a kid. Don’t talk down to her. Same with Seohyun--she’s mature beyond her years and it’s refreshing.”

“You’re ignorant, so I’ll educate you. There’s something called ‘Lucky culture’ and this is it. They know I’m kidding.”

“They’re only appeasing you when they laugh.”

Jinnie rolled her head, giving a blood-curdling cackle that shook the suite. “You have some nerve coming at me like this, Jung.”

“I’m only saying what she won’t.”

“Who’s patronizing now?”

“It’s not in Yoong’s nature to start conflict.”

“And it’s in yours?”

“Everyone’s spent,” Hyoyeon interjected, being the first of the opinionated members to find her voice. “Let’s take off our rage helmets and get some shut-eye.”

Jinnie ‘OK’-gestured. “Good thinking, Hyo baby.” She clapped twice, waking the sculptures from their watching posts. “Sleepy time, bitches! Go to bed.”

And, miraculously, the five members resumed their nightly duties. Jessica’s jaw fell in awe. Detestable personality aside, Jinnie’s uncouth leadership gave Lucky Six the uniformity and consistency it needed to reach this stage. But, it was a new day and age and Jessica’d rather tolerate loudmouth displays of divergent opinions than drones in the name of accordance.

“No! Stop.”

Jessica swore she shouted that demand in her head. When the dorm froze again, she knew the truth.

“My god, Jung.” Jinnie rose, reaching her full height and then some from her Manolos. “Drop your ego trip and get some rest.”

The goddamned audacity of that woman to remark on anyone else’s ego induced vertigo. “Nobody’s going to bed until one matter is resolved.”

“This is flippin’ exciting. And that’d be?”

Jessica surveyed the room, determined to make direct eye contact. Tiffany and Yoona’s hurt the most, for they’d been through a lot lately. “I’m not a good dictator, so I’ll let everyone vote--Jinnie or me?”

Hyoyeon winced. “You can’t make us fucking choose.

“I’m not here to break any friendships, Hyo. The fact is she blindsided our group tonight. None of us had a solid clue concerning her entrance and the fans will pick up on it. And while ‘Lucky Seven’ makes sense as a name, that’s not an option, is it?”

She never spoke so boldly to the Hyoyeon--any of them. Sweat pebbled at the back of her neck.

“Is it?” Jessica repeated.

Silence hadn’t swept by long before someone straightened her throat, rounding the counter to stand poised at Jessica’s side. Seohyun. “I love you, Soojin, but enough is enough. You did not consider Lucky interests at the concert.”

Jinnie scoffed. “If you really loved me, you’d forgive that.”

“Juhyun’s right,” Sooyoung piped in, crossing the invisible line to join them. “To me, what happened to you was fucked up and sexist as hell. But, you jeopardized our group then and you’re doing it now.”

“Soo, I expected more from you! Let’s see how trusting everyone will be if you miss your next period. That would be a hoot, huh? Although, I’ve--”

“I’m tired of the weight jokes.”

Red hair whipped to Yoona’s small confession. “Why are you so damn sensitive all of a sudden? You are skinny, Yoongs. There are worse insults.”

“I’m sorry, Jinnie…”

Jessica pulled Yoona into a hug once she was within arm’s length, wondering how much shit she had to laugh off over the years. “Thank you.”

4-3. That’s how the room was split so far, suddenly alerting Jessica of Tiffany’s monumental silence for the entire ordeal.

As she observed the woman searching the floor, Hyoyeon sniffed loudly. The blonde reciprocated a hard embrace with Jinnie, words unintelligible in the muffled sobs. Jinnie’s sobs slightly touched Jessica’s heart, she couldn’t deny. This world had been everything to her. Maybe a solo deal was what she needed to find some purpose.

Or not. Tonight, Jessica didn’t care.

Hyoyeon gulped, croaking through her sentence. “You should return your keys, Jinnie.”

“ keys?”

“The copies I made after you moved out.”

“Hyo!” Seohyun gasped. “That’s extremely dangerous! Why would you make copies behind our backs?!”

Hyoyeon wiped at her withering face. “I was mad, okay?! I thought this was temporary.”

Jessica felt a stab through the chest. “Wow, god…”

“Not anymore. You had no control over…” She raised her hand to the ceiling, grasping for fluency. “this shit. It’s not your fault. It’s not Jinnie’s’s…”

Jinnie prodded her arm. “It’s what?”

“It’s about the group. And you’re not in it anymore.”

The admission hung darkly in the air as Hyoyeon accompanied the bigger team. Jinnie’s tears evaporated into enmity, sending her swinging at a lamp. She slapped it to the floor, jumping not a little when the bulb and glass shade shattered. “I fucking bought that. Now, it’s no one’s.”

“Classy,” Jessica muttered. That lamp was ugly anyway.

“You turned these bitches against me!” Jinnie double-taked at Tiffany, lips dipping downwards. “And you, Hwang? How’s it feel living outside my shadow? I’m amazed you were the first one to kiss Jessica’s traitor ass.”

Without cracking her reserve, Tiffany stepped backwards onto the Jessica side. The Lucky Six side.

Jinnie nodded, hazel eyes gleaming, and folded her arms. Her words were uttered lowly, but she knew they heard. “Good show. Very good show. Better than ‘A Night of Elite’. Remember me when you fail…”

Hyoyeon shook her head, still crying. “Jinnie, c’mon.”

“No, no. You belong to Jessica now.” She motioned to, “Kim Hyoyeon...Choi Sooyoung...Tiffany Hwang...Im Yoona….Seo Juhyun…” Then, she leaned into Jessica’s ear, burning her nose with the same spicy perfume. “...and Kim Taeyeon.”

Her weakness. “How--”

“Have you forgotten what I told you? I am everywhere.

Worry lay plainly on Seohyun’s ashen face. “Soojin, I think you should go.”

“I’m already gone,” Jinnie drawled, twirling light pirouettes to the entrance. “Looks like Jessica Jung has a fondness for my leftovers. Fuck buddies included. I’m flattered you’re so obsessed with me.”

Everyone trudged to their bathrooms and beds, mutely trying not to dwell on the manipulative woman in a convertible’s intentions. Jessica’s mind ran rampant with possibilities. Asking one of the members for their side of this hazy past would probably sate her demand for details. Nonetheless, she wanted to receive them from one person.

Jessica kissed Yoona on the crown of her head, wishing the sleeping woman sweet dreams. After that drama, either of them could benefit from a sleepover. She shimmied under a blanket beside her, scrolling through missed calls and lonely texts left from Taeyeon.

M00dy bear: home yet?
M00dy bear: yul’s drunk again. =__= floor nap lol.
M00dy bear: kissing today wasn’t enough
M00dy bear: swt♥?
M00dy bear: ok bedtime joke. what do you call a charm and rumor rubbing up on each other?
M00dy bear: you’ll never guess
M00dy bear: lol my spam
M00dy bear: ok ok my eyes hurt zzzzzzz. i’m getting old
M00dy bear: dream big, coma :)

She let the tears finally surge in earnest. Missing their chat time pierced her and at the same time--it confirmed Taeyeon’s feelings. Once upon a season, she’d never leave a train of cutesy, unanswered messages.

C♡ma: You’re so adorable. :))) ♥♥
C♡ma: Tell me the punchline! haha

Jessica listened to the drumming of Tiffany’s shower, recalling the woman’s strange mood. Her stare marked her screen, mentally acknowledging what she truly wanted to ask. Inhaling a tepid breath, her thumbs did the work.

C♡ma: Tae...what happened with Bae Jinnie?

She didn’t expect a response at that hour, but she fell asleep waiting, anyway.

Parts of this chapter had me feelin’ some kinda way. But, the story must go on~~


Date: 2015-03-27 04:17 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
You're so quick...


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Date: 2015-03-27 05:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I will get back my number one spawt!!!!


Omg I sound deranged. I'll be back <3

Date: 2015-03-31 07:47 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Looks like it's Rayface vs. Minion. *popcorn*

AND you're out here against the other Soojung lovers. TOO MANY ENEMIES, BB. xDD


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Date: 2015-03-27 05:55 am (UTC)
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stop drops and rolls right into this spot right here :D

Date: 2015-03-31 07:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
For some reason, 'Pop Lock & Drop It' by Huey came to mind. hahahahah

C'mon. You know that song, yes?? xDD

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Cookie's here! :D

Date: 2015-03-27 07:16 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wow... Jinnie pulled a Kanye on everyone there... good thing Skandl! was there to save Jessica from a bad emotional meltdown. They better be careful though. Some friends seem to be foes and seem to be working for Jinnie the Terrible. And the Sixers finally made their stand against the tyrant former leader. Oooh, this is going to be fun and dangerous! Things be messier now that Jinnie reveals her knowledge of Jessica's deepest darkest weakness and secret.

I am guessing a heart-to-heart would be following this beautiful disaster in the next update? :3 Taeng be revealing her past with Elite and the Sixers. This be even more interesting. We be knowing of the root for Taeyeon's eternal hatred for the company and the Lucky girls. *sits down with ukelele and plays the Rains of Castamere...okay maybe not. hahaha!* Thanks for this update!!! :D Love it!

Re: Cookie's here! :D

Date: 2015-03-31 07:56 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ayyyyyyyy it's Cookie up in da haus!!! I saw your AFF comment, too. :DD

I....Lol'd SO HARD at 'pulled a Kanye'. I mean. YES.

Some friends seem to be foes and seem to be working for Jinnie the Terrible.---Oooh gurl. This is interesting. Heh. Jess needs to be vigilant. And mmmmhmmm Jinnie knowing ANYTHING is a mess. Or not. Hehehe. Bring on the Dangerrrr. *plays f(x) for us*

Awww, is that what you want? A touching heart-to-heart? Let's see what I can do. *laughs/spins in computer chair*

Oooh and you seem very sure of Taeyeon revealing her Elite past. Well. We'll find things out, most definitely.

HA!!! Rains of Castamere. YES!!!!

Thank youuuu for dropping a comment, Cookie babe. :DD

Re: Cookie's here! :D

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Re: Cookie's here! :D

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Date: 2015-03-27 05:55 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
that Jinnie BITCH!!!!!

I'm so angry!!
brb with a proper comment later.

Date: 2015-03-31 07:49 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hahahaha you were very succinct, bb. I understand your sentiments exactly. xDD I'm amused by your anger. ♥

Thankssss, bb. :333

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Date: 2015-03-27 07:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

i was so busy i didnt have a chance to update my comment on the last chapter but holy shit can we talk about this one?

raise your hand if you feel personally victimized by bae jinnie. THAT WAS INSANE. i think i audibly gasped when it happened. i n s a n e.

will taeyeon and jessica ever stop being completely adorable? no? good. awesome. (unless bae jjinnie breaks them up. which would be awful but so jinnie and so drama packed that if it happened, i couldn't complain at all.)

but in truth, the last part was my favorite. all of the members choosing what was best for their group -- realizing that jessica wasn't there to take jinnie's spot but there to be what was best for their group -- was so touching. yoong & seo choosing her was especially cute. tbh, i didn't even know it was possible to jam that much cute into one chapter! hyo's admission was explosive but having her ultimately choose jessica was the icing on the cake.

AS ALWAYS, this is turning out to be an amazing story & i'm so excited to read more of what you have for us. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF & i hope you're doing well! keep being fab, okay?

Date: 2015-03-31 08:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I did!! Toldja I'd be back!!!

Hahaha it's all good. Glad you're around <333 And yes, we may talk about this one. ^^

MEAN GIRLS REF. An audible gasp?!?! YAAAASS. I live for those.

To me, TaengSic is such a naturally fluffy couple. I can't help but make them adorable. And the fandom knows how angsty their fics go. So, it makes me want to make them even cuter. Jinnie could ruin them. Or someone else. I mean what. Kidding. Ha.

Gurrrrl writing that 'Anti-Jinnie' scene had me feeling so...omg I was a little emotional. So, it pleases me that it read well for you. Scenes like that can't just be breezed over. >.< Explosive Hyo confession?? Yaaay!

jessica wasn't there to take jinnie's spot but there to be what was best for their group --Collective AWWWWWWWWWW :3333

Ahhhh I get more and more nervous with each passing chappie. But, I also have a good level of confidence. Hope it turns out to be a nice balance. Keeps me on my toes, that's for sure. I'll take care of myself and stay fabbbbb. Thanks, love ♥♥


Date: 2015-03-27 07:48 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yeyyyy the two weeks passeddddddddddddddddddd
well I'm new but I love love love your story! (I also read your other story WGTG, that one is amazing too)!

In a way, I feel bad for Jinnie, because it's always hard to move on from something that you're really used to.... but that girl is seriously so annoying and rude! How does Jinnie know the Taengsic, though? I bet she has a bajillion cameras installed everywhere to stalk people...or maybe she has a secret informant within Lucky Six? I'm seriously thinking of so many conspiracy theories right now though.
Maybe Taeng was supposed to be in Lucky Six but then Jinnie manipulated someone somehow to get her kicked out? Idk but I'm looking forward to the reveal!
Taeyeon is so cute, though, you can really tell how much she loves Jessica. Acting all cute and stuff... the Taeyeon of the past would be horrified.

Re: TY!

Date: 2015-03-31 08:07 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Two weeks gone! Flew by for me!! hahah

NICE TO MEET YOU. ♥ And a WGTG fan, too?? Thank youuuu. My first fic baby. Siiiigh time flies.

OMG. FEELINGS FOR JINNIE. *spins you around* Hahahah actually all reactions about Jinnie amuse me, but you're a sweetiepie for seeing through her POV. But yeah, she's mad annoying. And rude.

HAHAHAH cameras installed EVERYWHERE. Do you watch Pretty Little Liars? That reminds me of 'A'. hahaha....Oooooh so many theories. Okay. 1. Cameras. 2. Secret informants. 3. Jinnie manipulates Tae out of Lucky Six. Bring on more theories as they pop into your widdle head!

Yesssshhh sho cute.

the Taeyeon of the past would be horrified.-- HAHHA RIGHT??? This truth.

Thank you for showing up, bb. :DDD
Edited Date: 2015-03-31 08:07 am (UTC)

Back in forever

Date: 2015-03-27 08:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"These girls, she discovered, ate literally anything remotely edible." But Jessica you've been eating something else...interesting lately ;)

Seohyun's being so formal and at the same time ghetto as hell. I fucking love her in here and every thing she says is hilarious.

OMG Taesic's nicknames for each other. CRINGED SO HARD. I'm so embarrassed by their term of endearments. Oh God. lol

Me likely some Yulsic interaction :3 So Yulti's forever playing wingwomen any chance anytime soon that Taesic's gonna return the favour? I need Yulti in my poor life!!

Jinnie and Jessica's fight, I'm loving this shit! Go Jessicaaaaaa! Queen sica. Be brave and be brilliant.
I like that Jessica stood her ground and tell Jinnie and lucky 6 to sort their shit out. You can't be nice all the time and between the line. Gotta choose and gotta be angry! With that being said...I'm just not sure if it was the most effective way to go about it. I couldn't all agree with her attitudes but you gotta do what you gotta do.

“Hyo!” Seohyun gasped. “That’s extremely dangerous! Why would you make copies behind our backs?!”

LMFAO BITCH there are bigger things to care about at this moment!

"Fuck buddies included. I’m flattered you’re so obsessed with me.”

O M F G Was I right? Ha Ha Ha. Or she could just be bluffing. This aint no poker, don't play games! That was a dirty move but god it's such a bitch slap move it's good. But then when Jessica asked them to choose that was a good move as well. It feels like chess here.

So what the hell happened to HELL TIFFANY? I was expecting for her to go all hell out on everybody but she's incredible quiet. . . I thought she would be more vocal considering how much she resent Jinnie? Perhaps she is giving up because no matter what she couldn't be the leader? Why is Jessica the leader? It's so weird to me that whoever made the decision (you lol) would do that. It would obviously create high problem. Why would that trusty position be given to a replace?? That's insane. Bad move, man.

Or was she too love-sick to care about any of this shit? Lol, but I honestly doubted. Sometime I wonder if she was given a choice would she choose her career over Yul (my bb). Well whatever it is Yul better make her woman happy once again.

I don't understand what's going on with Yoong here.

I'm not saying that I don't like happy Taesic but I can't wait for dramatic, angsty confrontation between them hahah. I'm just all dramatic.

Awesome update :)

Edited Date: 2015-03-29 04:37 am (UTC)

Re: Back in forever

Date: 2015-03-31 08:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Welcome back!!

SNORTING ALREADY. Jessica's been eating a good amount, hasn't she? It's organic.

Seohyun's being so formal and at the same time ghetto as hell.- SCREAMING. STOP TRYING TO SLAY ME. I'm only two lines into this comment. hahahahahaha

Bish. You love those terms of endearment. In fact, I should make one up for you: Shoogie Boogie? You like that???

Things are gonna happen with the combination of Tiffany, Yuri, Jessica, and Taeyeon. So, they'll interact. That's as much as I can say. *orders a bunker for next chapter* And hahaha you pointing out YulSicness.

That's really interesting what you said about the argument. That's a fun thing about writing confrontations among a host of different characters. Experimenting with ways of expression, defense, logic, patience, etc while in a difficult situation. But yes, Jessica finally spoke out at Jinnie's nonsense. HAHAHAHAH you picking on Seohyun is giving me life. SEOHYUN REALLY CARES ABOUT KEYS, OKAY???

C'mon. Picture Jinnie. She'd be all about low blows. How much does that girl know tho? Bluffing's not out of the realm of possibility. OH SNAP. YOU MENTIONED CHESS. Remember that. That comes up later, you smartiepants.

I'm REALLY enjoying this dissection of Tiffany. Why has she been so quiet? *shrugs* Jessica's the leader simply because it's best for the story. Hahahaa. ((true story)) And, I mean, you're into kpop. We've seen groups where the leader doesn't seem like a leader. :oo

Hmm. What's goin on with Yoong? YOU TELL ME.

Hahaha shall I rain blood from their happy little cloud?

Thank you, bb. :3333 I mean, Shoogie Boogie.

YAAAAAS (13)!!!

Date: 2015-03-28 02:43 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Bra!!!! You’re back. Just wanna say that I hope you’re doing okay and that you’re KILLING ME with the twists and surprises this chapter (in a good way)!

There are a lot of things in this chapter that I’d like to fangirl about, so I’ll get straight to it:

Emergency comeback and “divert and distract” because of “internal fuckery”. Yes. Much true. Very AssM, ehem.

Taeyeon’s texts again. Haha I totally can see the extra sweetness causing exhaustion/the use of abrevs -- and that dead spider pic! Then how she had a convo with herself in Chatty Bang Bang while waiting for Jess to reply. Awwww.

Holy wow. Some of Fifteen got beat up bad, including Chanyeol. Right when I read it I’m like “Ooooooh, tie in from the last chapter. Must’ve been Loco and his crew.” (Maybe? Will this come back to bite him and Tae later? I hope not.)

The song names again. They’re just so fun and fit well with the concepts of each group.

WTFFFFFFFF?????? Jinnie’s back??????!????? I WAS NOT EXPECTING IT SO SOON AND SO BOMBASTIC, IN-YOUR-FACE!!!!! AND SHE MESSED WITH JESS (and the original Sixers) SO BAD! Grrrrrrrrrrrr. But awww for the surprise Skandl visit and the “sonnkyu cocoon”. Then Lol that great line about F*^* Jinne seating herself at the table ala Jesus at the Last Supper and the image of Ten being passed out from illegal energy substance withdrawal (though it’s actually kinda really sad when I really stop to think about it).

AAAAAAND then the showdown back at the dorm. You go, Jess. Stand up to her and fight for yourself and your members. Ngl, my heart did break a little for the evil interloper when Hyo told her to return her copy of the dorm key. Totally deserved it, but ouch. Then, Lol loved the breaking the lamp moment and the exchange about it: “‘I fucking bought that. Now, it’s no one’s.’ ‘Classy’ Jessica muttered. That lamp was ugly anyway.” -- really symbolic of her personality: would rather destroy everything she once had/loved than let it be enjoyed by/happy with another. Then the reveal that Jinnie just KNOWS and IS EVERYWHERE like an omnipotent, vindictive spirit. Creeptastic. I bet she has pics, too. Damn, I can already tell it’s gonna get even more ugly.

And done. Sorry for the length of this comment. I’ll end it here. Looking forward to the next chapter and finding out how Taengsic are gonna deal with the Tae/Jin past and whatever complications she and Mr. Shade from last chap are gonna create. Thank you for the update. Again, glad you’re back :).

P.S. I saw you’re reading Boxxsaltz’s new fic, too. I'm SO excited to have two great ongoing fics to read now. Yay! Random Q: Have y’all done any collabs or plan to in the future? I think the fanfic fangirl in me would explode from the sheer awesomeness XD.

Re: YAAAAAS (13)!!!

Date: 2015-03-31 08:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The Bra is back!!! *attempts to Crip walk*

I'm always ready for your fangirling. LET'S GO.

YES. Very AssM. That distraction is straight-up from their book of tricks. Why wouldn't Elite?? Hahaha. At leat Lucky Six is aware. I hope artist irl are aware, too.

Typing up fake texts is SO FUN. And it's a fast and cheap way of showing how far Taeyeon's falling. Bish be smitten. And, as we've seen, Jessica makes her feel safe. <3 LOL and you mentioned the spider! YESSS.

Yep. Accoring to the Hyo source, Fifteen's gotten pretty banged up. And your concern for Taeyeon and Loco is...very reasonable.


YES. CAUGHT YOU UNEXPECTED. BLESS. BAM BOMBASTIC MISSUS FANTASTIC JINNIE FROM DA BLOCK OUT TO SNATCH WIGS...and make her girls hate her. hahahaha. I LOVEEE the imagery of Jinnie a la Last Supper. You know that woman has a god complex miles long. And awwwwwww you actually show concern for the Fifteen/Ten boys. <33 This story ain't about them, but the subject itself is....yeah.

Mmmhmm. The confrontation happened. Jinnie brought that mess to herself, but it's pretty sad, too. Especially from her best friend in the group. Like an episode of ANTM. Her image fading from the group pic~

really symbolic of her personality: would rather destroy everything she once had/loved than let it be enjoyed by/happy with another--OH DAYUM. YOU ARE -GOOD-. *applauds*

Jinnie knows. And she is everywhere. dun dun dunnnn

Nope! I love long comments, too! HHAHAHA "Mr. Shade" hahahahhahahaaaa

Thank youuuuu, bb. You're amazing. ^^

PS. Boxxy's one of my buddies. :33333 Isn't she awesome?? I'm excited, too!! Hehehe

As for collabs, not really my thing for fic. But, I'm flattered you ship that writer pairing. ;DDD If it makes you happy, sometimes I consult Boxxy for stuff in this story. ^^

Re: YAAAAAS (13)!!!

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Re: YAAAAAS (13)!!!

From: [identity profile] - Date: 2015-04-04 05:13 am (UTC) - Expand

Date: 2015-03-29 12:22 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Damn... jinnie got her medicine there... Karma's a bitch!

Jessica is showing some leadership skill there and I think the group have accepted that she is now there leader. :)

Hmm... It seems the past will come out now.

Date: 2015-03-31 08:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
HA. I totally say 'Karma is a bitch' in a couple chapters. You hackin' my account, bb????

Awwwwww yep. A little at a time, Jessica's taking some reigns. Let's hope they all accept her. :33

Past will be revealed~~~

Date: 2015-03-30 12:47 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Everything about this fic is amajjang. Outwardly bad ass but actually very shy and self-conscious taeyeon..tiny bit weird but super alluring Jess.. Also the lovely yulti dynamic. Simply love the way you develop the characters!

Can't wait for the dramas to unfold.. Although I don't want to see my sweetheart Jess get hurt :(

Thanks for this fabulous piece bra!

- your biggest anon fangirl

Date: 2015-03-31 08:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Amajjing! Thank you, thank you. I'm humbled. I wish to bring you the best fic I can. Hope not to disappoint, bb. *shy*

OMG you described Taeyeon and Jessica so well! Very nice. ;D

More drama will slowly (or not) be revealed. Sit back and enjoy~

hehehehe biggest anon fangirl ♥♥♥


Date: 2015-03-31 02:24 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Ok, I read this a few days ago and I just woke up then when I checked to check Soshipops and saw your update. Since I literally just woke up, this sentence kinda shocked me lmaoo "So, this was the next best thing: heatless meals." I thought that said "heartless meals" and I was like....well, that's not very nice... I thought you were fitting in lol.

“Your partner makes you smile often.” Something about the way Seohyun said that made me feel like she's not all that accepting about girl x girl relationships. Why "partner"? Why not "girlfriend" idk I'm sorry lol I'm being petty about irrelevant things.

Gotta love it when Taeyeon sounded so sweet just to turn out to be an asshole!! I find it really hot whenever Jessica swears...(I kinda want to hear it in real life lol just her swearing up a storm) And FYI, putting a heart sign instead of a letter "o" DOES NOT make "Coma" a nickname for your girlfriend hahaha!

Awwwwww Fany, Fany, Tiffany sulking bc she hasn't seen her gf for over a month~ bby let me hug you~~ I'm not sure if she misses Yul in the most innocent way or bc she.......yeah...y'know...misses doing it with her lolol

“I’m joking, girl! Unclench.” This part! Idk what you meant by this but the first thing that cam to mind was "unclench your ass cheeks"!!

Ok...Yoona...I feel like I'm missing something...Why is she like this? Was there a chapter about this? Can you tell me which chapter it is so I can re-read it if I have time?

Oohhhhh those Elite guys got jumped by Loco and his boys (I assume?) Serves him (Chanyeol) right. I don't feel sympathy kek.


"Security had hustled them to their van after the concert; so, Tiffany only snatched a cruel glimpse of Yuri."

Stop pulling on my heartstrings! No. This is unacceptable. You're too cruel. Taengsic got a kiss but Yulti barely saw each other? (please...moarrrr yulti fluff)

For a second, I thought that they finally got rid of that conniving bitch BUT!!! That's just too good to be true isn't it? She'll be back for more and I'm already dreading her next appearance haaaaa

wow that was long lol

Thanks for the update and see you 'til the next one~~~

- not so new anon

P.S Will we ever get to see Soojung? Wait, don't tell me lol

Re: helloooooo

Date: 2015-03-31 08:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
HEARTLESS MEALS WITH THESE LUCKY BISHES. Hahahah talk about an unplanned relapse in Jessica's character. xDD Glad you re-read. hahahaha

Ohhhh "partner". Hmm. I guess it can be taken a few ways. On one hand, it could be a safe way to avoid 'girlfriend', but it's also a pretty progressively used word. Idk. 'Partner' reminds me of married-but-not-married gay people. You can read it either way.


Where am I?

Oh right. Skandl..

Hahahha Taeyeon's really trying with the 'C♡ma', huh?? She's naturally an asshole. But, a cute one, so everyone overlooks it. xDD

OMG how that comfort for Fany evolved in just that one sentence. Fany's definitely taking things on the rough way. Bb's so quiet. :((( And I'm sure she misses Yul's personality along with her sensual bod~


Hmmm. No, this is the first time Yoona's mentioned this. BUT, she was funny-acting in Chapter 7.

G'awww those poor Elite boys. Ah well.

HAHAHHAHAHHAHA OMG A DREAM SEQUENCE. NOPE. ALL REAL. I MEAN. IS IT REALLY CRUEL???? CUS IT FEELS GOOD FROM WHERE I'M STANDING. OR SITTING. WHICHEVER. ANDDDD I'M MEAN ABOUT THE YULTI. Things are still happening. You''ll see. But, this isn't the last of the YulTi. And one does not simply *get rid* of Bae Soojin.

I loved every second of reading/responding, not so new anon. :333 Thank youuuu

PS. Fine. I won't tell you. ;)

Date: 2015-04-02 03:03 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I can't deal. This story is too good. I'm crying....sort of.

But seriously, shit is gonna hit the fan very soon aren't they? I CAN FEEL IT, MAN.

Date: 2015-04-04 05:12 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sort of crying works for me!!! Glad you're enjoying it so far. :DDDD

.......yes, one could say that. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.

Thanksssss for dropping by, love~

“Jinnie’s a cunt.”

Date: 2015-04-05 04:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
jinnie is a major poopyhead.

i hate all this talk of dead bugs but i think it was telling of jin-devil's arrival

also did loco's cronies beat the living hell out of those lousy boys?????

yooooooooooooooooooooooo so yea these beyotches are finally showing L6 (maybe even jessi) loyalty, jinnie has no regard for the fucking team, and jessibuns, my love, my angel is finally getting some balls.

and tae got some 'splaining to do...
Edited Date: 2015-04-05 04:58 am (UTC)

Re: “Jinnie’s a cunt.”

Date: 2015-04-09 12:14 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
'Major Poppyhead'---heh. Sounds like a character. Like Mr. Hanky or something.

OMG hahahahaha you think the smashed spider is an omen of Jinnie's arrival?? HAHAHAHHA TOO GOOD. BRILLIANT.

That's how it looks for those lousy boys. Loco had it out for one of them. :00

JESSIS RUBBIN' HER BALLS ALL OVER JINNIE. Or...something. What you said.

'Splainin' indeed.

Thank youuuuuuu, bb, for making me laugh so hard.

Date: 2015-04-17 10:58 pm (UTC)
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Sometimes I re-read my own comments and I cringe because of my overuse of though and various other things, I hope you don’t mind it. English isn’t my first language and although I’m not too shabby at it normally, I can get awfully repetitive and it gets kind of annoying. Anyway, moving on!

“Elite’s original plan wasn’t to come out with a new single so early, yet due to internal fuckery, the Six were briefed, styled, and given the green light to rehearse “Charged on Kisses”. Internal fuckery? Eddy fuckery? Or Jinni fuckery? Curious stuff.. Elite trying to cover their ass though lol reminds me of SM xD

Taeyeon and Jessica are so gross together to be honest, so cute xD And Tae with that spider, do you mean my precious asshole? :p. That totally reminds me of Jessica texting Tiffany pictures of fish heads in real life whaha, Soojung does it too, the little shits. I’m still very curious about Soojung and Taeyeon meeting, I think it would take a short while for Krys to warm up to Tae but eventually they bond over something small and silly and they would team up against Sica .
I loved the little exchange between Seohyun and Sica, I can’t quite put my finger on it so I don’t know why I love it, it just has something.. I dunno.

“ (..) all five’s blood tested positive for drugs and alcohol, which explains the dead silence on their front.” All five? Loco managed to beat five people into the hospital? I thought he was only going to beat of Chanyeol.. There is no way he got out of there without a scratch.. Unless he brought a couple of friends, but then still. Drugs can make you crazy aggressive, and it can screw up your pain signal reception so hospitalising 5 guys wouldn’t have been easy. It’s good that they managed to evade security, but still you’ve got eyewitnesses outside and probably dorm people or something. Oh man, I told you I was nervous.. This cannot end well, or well it could, if they are really really lucky (please let them be really lucky :p). 2 broken legs though, get out. I can’t imagine that Loco’s intention was to break legs, nor can I imagine that he brought a crowbar or something to break said legs xD But okay, you never know. I should move on lol.

Yoonsic <3. Jessica is so kind and sweet and gosh, I feel like Yoona really needs that. Jinni wasn’t/isn't kind to Yoona, I mean she has that nickname and everything, Yoonarama? Yes, I checked; Yoonarama :p In chapter 7, Yoona is over the moon that Jinnie ‘is back’ and Jinnie is all about dropping nicknames, spinning hugs and temple kisses but at the same time she sneaks in these jabs about Yoona’s weight, who does that, ew get out. I never commented on chapter before chapter 10 but did Jinnie really lose the baby, or did she like.. help it along? Because I’m sure she’s manipulative enough (and a lying bitch) to flip that story around so that she is the poor victim. Were Tiffany’s eyes hard because she was fighting her emotions or because she didn’t believe it either? Getting back to my original point, Yoona is a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure and she needs to be protected. I´m really glad that Sica’s in her corner and I’m sure that this thing meant a lot to Yoona, it feels like it really strengthened their ‘sister’ bond.

OMFG I SWEAR TO GOD JKHSIKGIKWEIK What a fucking bhiiiiiiiiiissss. Fuck Jinnie. Fuck her uncle. Fuck the person who let her get passed backstage security, got her a working mic, gave Jinnie’s mic a channel on the soundboard (endangering the whole show like are you cray cray), removed (or muted) Jessica’s mic from the soundboard (again endangering the entire show like fuuuuu), and last but not least got her or let her get onto that fucking floor trap. Just.. so rude. Seo and Fany’s reaction, happy to read they were as displeased as I was. Again, Jinnie is a bitch to Yoona (with her fucking move, she can move her own ass out of there).

Aww Yul and Sunny to the rescue! Sunsica hug yay <3. I’m glad Sunny didn’t split, even though awkwardness kills her. Taetae! Their hi, hi back’s are too cutee gosh.. Whoops Narsha, better than JiWook. Was Skandl not grounded? Because of the rumours and everything, they had to lay low right? I wonder if this will have more repercussions from Narsha.
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Yuuuuuussss another in-depth comment. >:))) *Puts on a helmet*

Sometimes I re-read my own comments and I cringe because of my overuse of though and various other things--ARE YOU ME??? I do this when I write fiction, too. Guhhhhhhh I can't stand it. Your English seems marvelous to me; nothing's annoying. May I ask where you're from?? ^^

Elite is SO SM in this situation. Something bad happens? New song! New groups! Yaaaay!

GROSS!CUTE IS SO CUTE..AND GROSS. I can't help it sometimes. Please bear with my lapses. xDD HAHAHAH omg the fish head pictures!! I love knowing the irl girls are such trolls. <3 I picture Skandl! Taeyeon and Soojung ganging up on Jessica eventually....ya know, if they stay together~

Ooooh the SeoSica interactions intrigue you? Good! Because they'll be chit chatting again~~

OHHHHHHHH I want to spoil you so much for that AMAZING flow of thought concerning Loco. For one--yes, he did bring some friends and with drugs involved, who knows. And you're right to worry about eyewitnesses and that like and....*hugs* Good job, girl. You're on the right track yet again!

YoooonSiiiiiiiic <33333 My babies. You're right about Yoona needing someone GENUINELY nice to dote on her. Jinnie had that nasty give-and-take sweetness for Yoona. Sometimes, she's being a doll and then throws in backhanded compliments. Very manipulative. Heh. You're not the only one questioning whether the pregnancy ended naturally or if she terminated it herself beneath a lying sob story. Wouldn't put it past her.

Yoona is a beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world- TOO TRUE. WE'RE UNWORTHY.

JINNIE IS CRAY CRAY. SHE REALLY IS. HAHAHAHAHAH I LOVE IT/HER. Wildcard characters keep me interested as a writer, so I hope she's stoking your rage in all the right ways. xDDD She'll endanger SO MUCH to get her face out there ohhhhhhh why can't she be real??? Can you even imagine?

Again, Jinnie is a bitch to Yoona (with her fucking move, she can move her own ass out of there)--Bless you for noticing this. I was hoping it wasn't too subtle. Biyatch-y towards Yoona, even on stage.

SunSica hug. And a bit of TaengSic cuteness <333 Making them forced to be nice to each other is...hehehehe. Only happy-go-lucky Yul could achieve that, really. There will definitely be more and more repercussions as time moves on....

On to part two!

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Wow okay, I had to split the comment.. I really talk too much. I couldn't even fit this sentence in anymore xD

“So Jinnie could get off Scott free, but Jessica couldn’t befriend Skandl? Bullshit.” I feel you Sica, I feel you.
You know, I cannot imagine this being the first time for Jinnie. I’m sure she used to rule Elite back in the trainee days because of her uncle. I’m not yet sure how Taengoo fits into the picture but my rough theory is this;
There hasn’t been a mention of Tae’s family yet, so either they didn’t support Taeyeon’s wish of becoming a singer at Elite or they did and they didn’t support her getting out of Elite (because of money, saving face, or I dunno lol). Jinnie’s Uncle is a high ranking person within Elite, she’s not bad looking and I’m sure she’s not too bad at singing so her place at Elite was solid. Taeng’s however, I mean guessing from her real life pre-debut things, her voice was already her main feature, her looks.. I’m sure they were debated on (she had that awkward teen-phase and everything like normal people lol). I don't believe her parents had the influence to solidify her spot like Jinnie. In Chapter 4 when Skandl watched Elite’s first performances with Jessica, Taeyeon notices: “Light and airy, her voice wasn’t as strong as Jinnie’s--and definitely not Taeyeon’s” Now I know that Tae is a bit cocky, but she can back it up. If her voice is definitely stronger than Jessica’s that’s true, and that means that her voice is stronger than Jinnie’s as well. Taeyeon is better than Jinnie. If Taeyeon had ended up in Lucky Six, she surely would have outstaged Jinnie, like she does with SNSD now (not really outstaged but you know, Taeng is the powerhouse). There is no way in hell someone like Jinnie could accept that. She’s competitive, she doesn’t like to share the spotlight, she wants to be the leader (even though she’s bad at it) simply because of the title and she wants to be in the middle of everything (kicking people out if need to). I think that Jinnie managed to somehow get rid of Taeng, maybe through her Uncle, or through other manipulative means. I’m still really curious to see how Taeyeon’s family fits into all this. They had to have some role in it.

Yeahh you go Jessica! She’s standing up for Yoong, my precious Yoongie. Ugh Jinnie, can’t she simply get hit by a truck like Regina in Mean Girls? That would be so pleasing..
“The goddamned audacity of that woman to remark on anyone else’s ego induced vertigo.” Ayee Vertigo :p sorry, had to comment :p

“Looks like Jessica Jung has a fondness for my leftovers. Fuck buddies included. I’m flattered you’re so obsessed with me.” Honestly, wow. She just called her ‘friends’ leftovers holy fuck. Jinnie is so disturbing on so many levels. Also Taeng a fuck buddy? No way, she stated multiple times in the previous chapters that she’s not the one-night-stand type, nor fuck buddy material (uhm Sunny got a first hand experience). If Tae and Jinnie had a thing, it meant something to Taeyeon. Have you seen how awfully gross (totally cute) she is with Sica, no way 17 (18?) year old Taengoo would have been anybody’s fuckbuddy. I swear, Taeyeon is that sweaty palms, shaking hands, “do I look okay?” and “she’s the prettiest girl in school” type.

Props for Sica for asking bout the past! Is this a cue for a pre-Skandl, Elite-rookie Tae? I really hope so, gosh I’m so excited. I’ll read further tomorrow!

I'm sorry this got so long :$ so embarrassing. I really hope you don't mind me theorizing everything and anything. I'm catching up a bit though :) Hopefully I'll be fully caught up soon!
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I'm a chatty one myself. No worries. ^^

I’m sure she used to rule Elite back in the trainee days because of her uncle.--It's not mentioned often, but really--this is a big part of it. I don't like to belabor/write down to my readers, though it's very clear that Jinnie has tons of influence and connects. Girl gets away with SO MUCH. Makes you wonder about *her* future..

HOLYYYYYYYYY I loved that hypothesizing/speculation to pieces. I am crey. hahahaha

Taeyeon notices: “Light and airy, her voice wasn’t as strong as Jinnie’s--and definitely not Taeyeon’s” Now I know that Tae is a bit cocky, but she can back it up. If her voice is definitely stronger than Jessica’s that’s true, and that means that her voice is stronger than Jinnie’s as well. Taeyeon is better than Jinnie.--WHOOP THERE IT ISSSSS. *smacks gavel*

That whole thing is.....*claps* You hit a lot of points. I'll let you see what you've nailed as you keep reading. :')

MEAN GIRLS REF. You know, I've contemplated the hit-by-a-car solution..

LOL. Shoutout to Vertigo~~~~

Jinnie's disturbing, yes. But she always talks a big game. And, like anything, she'll say the worst to make her point clear. Girl's not smart enough to be subtle. xDD

If Tae and Jinnie had a thing, it meant something to Taeyeon. and I swear, Taeyeon is that sweaty palms, shaking hands, “do I look okay?” and “she’s the prettiest girl in school” type.-- Your comprehension is <3333

After all that mess, Sica HAD to text Taeyeon. No more dancing around the Jinnie-shaped elephant.

Nahhh. *pets head* Don't be embarrassed. Man, some of your commentary is so....GET OUTTA MY HEAD. Or stay there. I don't mind. ^^


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Dammit, every time you mention food in this series I get I am eating a jug, yes a jug because im one classy lady, of strawberry pudding with a lot of gay rainbow sprinkles...which reminds me, how was your curry udon date? :o was it....saucy? ;DDD (I'm too proud of that one)

Daaaaamn why everybody scared of spiders? D: they're so cute and fluffy

“Extra seeds in mine, right? I love that shit.” idk why i laughed so much at that

Awww Tiffany, you poor little lovesick cinnamon roll D: soon you'll see your precious cinnabon again

Ohhh JiWook, get you head out of your butthole and be cool with gaysssss~~

oh yesssss da gossip~~Mahahaha yes they got jumped >:D i know violence (apparently) doesn't solve anything but those buttheads deserved it

Damn, Elite been taking lessons from SM with all that cover up I smell Red Velvet?

How do you think of all these band names, girl? XD

“How y’all feelin’ toniiiiight?” Tiffany crooned at the arena in English," Oh man, this just reminds me of Tiffany's english adlibs in soshi as much as i love Party, her adlibs at the beginning never fail to make me cringe out of second hand embarrassment, i cannot handle the cheese

OHHHH SHIIIIIIT JINNIE ;O I LITERALLY YELLED THAT OUT WHEN I READ IT, I WAS SO SURPRISED LIKE DOOOOOOODE WTH IS SHE DOING FOOL. I feel so bad for Jessicat D: my heart achessssss for her, it was her time to shine and the baebitch just ruined it RUINED EVERYTHING GAWD I HATE HER SO MUCH

Even tho that short but sweet reunion of TaengSic, my hatred of Jinnie still burns within, BURNZZZZZZZ, LIKE DOODE WHY YOU ACTING SO HIGH AND MIGHTY AROUND THE DINNER TABLE? HMM? You should be served in the middle of the table as a stuffed pig or something smh

and and and im so glad the girls saw the true evil intentions of baebitch and booted her out of the door before she could ruin anymore lives--------

“Looks like Jessica Jung has a fondness for my leftovers. Fuck buddies included. I’m flattered you’re so obsessed with me.” THIS IS THE LINE IM SOBBING AT CUZ SO MUCH DRAMA SO MUCH SASS. Like i just sat here like damn she threw some hella shade *cue Obama's 'not bad' face* I bet you enjoyed writing that line ;DDDD

WELL THEN, that sure as hell was a trip. Thankies for writing and all, i'm outta here (and onto the next chapter) stay in school *puts on shades*
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Date: 2015-07-18 06:14 pm (UTC)
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YOU AND THIS SOBBING. AHHHHHHH THIS WOULD BE A FUN SERIES. SOMEONE GIVE ME THE FUNDS. HBO??? SHOWTIME???? NETFLIX????? I'll break into director mode to make this shizz work. >:)))

OMG YOUR SOBBING IS SO FUNNY. HAHHAAH POOR YOU. I'm curious about this 'screaming for an hour', tbh.


Sooooooo.....what's a jug?? I feel all unworldly and shizz. But, like....IDEK. IT'S PUDDING?? IS THIS EUROPEAN?? HELP A BISH OUT. I'm very pleased to make you hungry all the time. It's one of the many joys of writing. ;DDD THE UDON AND CURRY DATE WAS AMAZING. AND VERY SAUCY. Actually, we were so full we passed out all cuddled like kittens when we got home. :33

Fluffy spiders....hmm. I don't mind the leedle cute one, but.....the one Taeyeon sent to Jessica was huge and dead. DO YOU LIKE PICTURES OF DEAD SPIDERS???

Pffft. You laughing at the seed line made me laugh.

YulTi's super sweet, aren't they?? (Can't wait to file through your comment for next chappie. lol)

"JiWook, get you head out of your butthole and be cool with gaysssss~~"--Word.

LOL everyone seemed to enjoy the fifteen boys being jumped. xD Violence doesn't solve problems, but in fic--people approve. HAHHAHAHA DID YOU DETECT RV IN THERE?? I mean.....IDK. That group's not mentioned again. Who knows how that group's doing in this universe. Not important. Ha.

I come up with band name's last minute during my editing phase. Whatever pops into my head. It's the best time, honestly.

Ah Tiffany and her English adlibs. Part of loving bb is loving her cringeworthiness. <333


"Even tho that short but sweet reunion of TaengSic, my hatred of Jinnie still burns within, BURNZZZZZZZ, LIKE DOODE WHY YOU ACTING SO HIGH AND MIGHTY AROUND THE DINNER TABLE? HMM? You should be served in the middle of the table as a stuffed pig or something smh"--DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO QUOTE, SO I GRABBED THE WHOLE THING. I'M SO DONE WITH YOU HAHAHHAHAHAAAA I GET SUCH PLEASURE FROM READERS' HATE OF JINNIE.

Ahhhh you mentioned the Obama meme. xDD Oh, YOU. I mean, she had to go out with some kind of shade. Wouldn't be Bae Soojin otherwise~

Yaaaayyy a trip for ya!! You're very welcome and THANK YOU for the laughsssss~

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“No, no. You belong to Jessica now.” She motioned to, “Kim Hyoyeon...Choi Sooyoung...Tiffany Hwang...Im Yoona….Seo Juhyun…” Then, she leaned into Jessica’s ear, burning her nose with the same spicy perfume. “...and Kim Taeyeon.”


This bish, thinking she got dis. NAH, THE YOONSIC IS STRONG IN THIS ONE.

First, Tiffany, and now Narsha? My bbs, cant catch a break. Let them puzzle. Why is life so unfair. Y u h8 me? D;

This will be my last comment tonight. I felt like watching Forrest Gump.

want a chocolate?

Date: 2016-01-18 01:17 am (UTC)
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YOONGIE SN. <33333 //remembers your password and frowns :((


.....oh, the YoonSic is strong? Hehehe...w-what YoonSic?? :")


BB. They puzzled three chapters in a row. >.>

hehehhehee hope you enjoyed~~


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