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Title: Must Love Girls [Part One]
Pairing(s): TaengSic
Rating/Genre: PG-13 + language; Girl-Meets-Dog-And-Girl
Disclaimer: I don't own Soshi. I don't own anyone, in fact. All Fiction.
Summary: Two ladies cross paths, but are they looking for the same thing?
Author's Notes: And, we embark upon another multishot. I can't say thank you enough to y’all who answered my survey. I’m still going through location options (nothing quite has everything I want), but that shouldn’t stop anyone from reading TaengSic, amirite? As a precaution, please bookmark my backup Dreamwidth site. Unless something goes down, I’m still on LJ for now. It’s most convenient. LET THE GAY TIMES ROLL.

Also: If you’re looking for boxxsaltz bb, she’s relocated here!

“Erm, good evening. I’m Taeyeon.”

“Hi, Taeyeon,” the group droned in unison.

Kim Taeyeon’s lip kinked into a weak smile. Every adult seated in the closed coffee house understood her struggle, the turmoil she’d faced for far too long. Nevertheless, the heels of her Keds seesawed in a soft, lonely rhythm. The sway echoed up to her shoulder-length hair, drifting fringe through her lashes like pale windshield wipers.

She blinked twice. Blinking tears, muttering, “Yeah, hi. Um, ten weeks ago, I lost my best friend.”

Taeyeon bit inside her pathetic cheek. She’d might as well sit and shut up, but she lingered.

“By choice, I live off instant ramyun and Pepero. If I’m too depressed for that, I’ll sleep from eight to dawn and then some. Home life is quiet. I mostly work.”

Pity surrounded Taeyeon. Typical.

She proceeded her introduction to Pet Mourners Anonymous.

“We uh, we-” Her white Keds rolled to a stop. “...named him Diglett. ‘Cause of his pink nose and tendency to huddle into construction pits.” After an expected few chuckles, she murmured, “A car hit him. He’d shimmied out of his collar, wandered into the road, and...”

Her hands balled into her hoodie pockets.

“I held him until he died.”

How couldn’t Taeyeon miss Diglett’s gentle grey eyes, stubby legs, bat ears, and cape-like coloring? To move on as if he’d never existed? As if he hadn’t woken her more efficiently (and adorably) than any alarm clock? Greeted her promptly after work, sneezed like a human, chased his tail-less butt, or tucked his short paws in when he leapt into the sea?

As if he wasn’t the best fucking dog in the universe?

As if he weren’t her universe?

It wasn’t socially acceptable to be so distraught over a pooch. Or what he represented. Nobody could relate. Except this coffee house of mourners.

She considered circulating a phone image of Diglett. Any would do. But, an irrational possessiveness swept through Taeyeon’s scant frame. If her story hadn’t convinced anyone here, fuck their ugly curiosity. She’d keep her joy to herself alone. Much easier.

And safer.

By the time Taeyeon awkwardly folded into her chair, her eyes stung of tears and shame. A faceless old lady placed a box of Kleenex on Taeyeon’s lap; her plump fingers squeezed a knee in maternal tenderness. Maybe she regularly consoled a slovenly, dismal granddaughter when she wasn’t narrating tales of her late cockatiel.

Taeyeon blew her nose without thanking her.

Jessica Jung fell in the shower this morning.

Nothing fatal. No fractured bones or sprains. Hell, it barely hurt. Still, she’d suffered fifteen-too-many ‘dead single woman’ puns to not take action.

She didn’t brand herself the clumsiest of twenty-nine-year-olds. On her worse day, she made stilettos her bitch and could successfully can-can in all-glass boutiques, if challenged. Yet, when these unfortunate occasions chimed the Reaper’s bell of lonely mortality, her younger sister intervened.

At first, Jessica rejected it. Her sister, unshockingly, persisted.

Her ashen-eyed intervention sat outside, leash secured to a bike stand.

“Charge your card?”

Startling into the eyes of a tall drink of water clad in the hardware shop’s tan vest, Jessica collected herself. These sales clerks were getting cuter and cuter. “Um, pardon?”

“Cash or credit, miss?” cute salesgirl asked slowly, rapping loud nails to the barcode scanner.

God,”Jessica sighed, swearing to the heavens that she emphasized ‘miss’. Upon further appraisal, this child couldn’t have been older than seventeen. “Credit, please.”

Was this her life now? Perving on jailbait?

“Someone will be at your home this Sunday at noon to install a...” Cute salesgirl scanned the receipt as if she hadn’t just punched in the request. “...shower safety bar.” She raised a brow. “It gets slippery in there, doesn’t it?”

Okay. Too much. Blushing at the southward trek of her thoughts, Jessica straightened her throat. “Will someone show me to the bath section?”

“He’ll be here in a sec.”

The hardware shop nearest to her favorite coffee house wasn’t large and tacky like the competition. Though, its aisles crammed with whosywhatsits and dohickeys overwhelmed Jessica’s non-handy brain. She’d sooner take suggestions from the pimply nerd making his way over. “I see him, thanks.”

Her morning scare as well as this checking-out-teenager thing broached another pain point: dating.

Radiating subtly classic features, a lyrical voice, and dark, swirling princess hair, she’d boasted her share of girlfriends.

Jessica Jung from a year ago excelled at dating. A little too excellent as she torpedoed herself into a headachey four-lady shuffle. After that shipwreck, even sex couldn’t convince her to accept lunch offers or return an alluring smile.

The big 3-0 would descend upon Jessica next year. Sticking her neck into a sea of eligibles may save her from dying alone in her apartment.

Sparing a fair gaze to the see-through doors, she followed the nerd to a selection of stainless steel.

With three Pet Mourners Anonymous visits under her belt, Taeyeon treated herself to a stroll down the coffee house’s busy promenade. There’d been a time when even the possibility to seeing folks cheerfully walking their dogs turned her into a snot factory. A bumpy path to wellness awaited her; she celebrated these small steps nonetheless.

Tonight, said steps were taken in her work heels. She’d spent an extra hour organizing her office’s creative cloud, losing the time to change into comfier clothes before the PMA meeting. It’d been a voluntary commitment since the dead air between departure and the meeting was...well, dead. She showed zero interest in coworker-bonding meals, noraebang, and bar-hopping. And, thankfully, nobody hassled her about it.

Taeyeon muffled a wee sob. Who’d bother to toast beers with a widely-known mope?

She roamed listlessly, munching on dinner. Melon Pepero.

This area had strong venue potential, she surmised, sucking sugar from her teeth. Nicely lit despite the nighttime hour with a batch of stores not too stuck up to close after sunset.

Diglett would’ve loved to walk here, exploring unusual smells, lapping at complementary dog dishes, coaxing a smile from the most miserly of bystanders. He’d been a clown—dancing his munchkin legs for attention or pieces from Taeyeon’s plate. Often grunting in a language solely his own, tongue out and butt wiggling in innocent joy. Never fail, he’d put Taeyeon in stitches.

Damn, she missed laughter.

Early on, Taeyeon had attended a few ‘adoption days’ at pet stores and observed kennel pups eager for a home. No avail. It further cracked her glass heart to know she was too dysfunctional to accept a dog that wasn’t specifically her Diglett.

How long would this mourning last? When would she get over his loss?

She tumbled bonelessly onto a bakery’s outside bench. The strong scent of real food caught wind, drifting a hunger to Taeyeon so irresistible, she stuffed the sad Pepero box into her purse. Surely, she owed herself a reward for tiptoeing outside her comfort zone. This weak blip of self-improvement could benefit from something substantial. Like bread.

Minutes later, Taeyeon exited the bakery with a jingle. She hardly waited to cross the street before unwrapping a healthy hunk of focaccia. It’d be better to walk to her car from the other side of the road; there could be more discoveries in store.

Flavor burst on Taeyeon’s tongue. Olive oil, herbs, dough—did anything as scrumptious exist?

She sucked the tip of each finger, voting no.

If moments like these were guaranteed, Taeyeon may just have a shot. A shot to move on, to mingle with women again, to consume more non-processed food, to laugh, to accept the death of—


If Taeyeon wore glasses, she’d wipe the lenses to ensure her vision hadn’t crapped out. Half a block away, silver eyes regarded her with keen interest. Large, pointed ears. A pink nose speckled with black. A distinct pelt of white, grey, sable, and black fur. That long and stubby, yet sturdy build of a Corgi and Australian Shepherd mix.

How? It couldn’t be.

She’d watched him take his last breath, crying upon his body as if hysterics would revive him.

Taeyeon stood paralyzed. Bread forgotten in her palm. Neglected purse swinging. Tears prickling her eyes until the dog cocked his head a smidgen, enough to pull a laugh from deep in Taeyeon’s throat.

“Diggy? Digs?” she whispered, approaching the animal.

The dog popped to his feet. Taeyeon would’ve declared the reaction meaningful until she remembered the savory bread hanging from her fingers. “You want a piece, huh, boy?”

Answering in a low grunt that swelled her tears to streams, Diglett Clone stepped forward. Pink nostrils flared over Taeyeon’s palm before he honored it with a friendly lick. Then, several hungry licks for the leftover herbs.

Too engrossed to mind being the crazy lady talking to other people’s pets, Taeyeon bent to his level.

She tried the nickname again. “Digs?”

The Clone kept lapping at her oily fingers, tail-less butt wagging like she knew it would. If not for a slightly altered pattern of black and grey patches on his back, he’d be an exact replica. Either way, Taeyeon deemed herself astounded. His mannerisms, body shape, even stubby dance were identical to Diglett’s. So, against all reason, she cried harder.

“I missed you,” she confessed, caressing from behind his ears to the fur beneath his neck. “I can’t believe you’re here.”

The dog had moved on from her hand. He left light kisses to her wet cheeks, her nose, her smile. Taeyeon exhaled, enraptured. This was what she needed. This company, this feeling couldn’t be replaced.

When the clone climbed up on her lap, Taeyeon all but unwrapped his leather leash from an empty metal rack. She stroked his head with less hesitation, giggling at how his brows and eyelids pulled back. Her little clown. Her adorable little clown was back.

“Um, hi?”

Fear rocked the pores on her shoulders. Guilt. Not like she’d actually hijack a stranger’s pet, but...

“S-sorry, this dog,” Taeyeon explained, eyes still trained on familiar grey. “He’s beautiful.”

“Thanks,” replied the dubious woman’s voice.

Taeyeon drew out the final pats to shiny, soft hairs. At least the clone’s owner groomed him well. She swallowed a bubble of jealousy—even anger.

Her life with Diglett had been cut short. Unfair.

“He likes...” The woman above dug through her presumed purse or bag, crackling what sounded like paper. “These treats. I forget what the hell they’re called.”

Internally groaning at the eventual cheap, crappy biscuit, Taeyeon held out a hand. Placed upon her palm was a tiny pretzel-shaped snack. Brightly colored, yet not artificial and seemed to be high grade. For this, Taeyeon finally awarded this person a onceover.

And not a second later, she promptly settled her sights back on Diglett Clone.

Gorgeous and she got to take this dog home. More unfairness.

“It’s organic sweet potato,” the lady went on, shuffling closer. “My sister Krystal’s nuts about that kind of stuff. I mean, it’s a dog. Can he even taste it?”

Steam practically spurted from Taeyeon’s ears. She fed him the pretzel, cooly saying, “Dogs have taste buds. Their health and diet are as important as any human’s.”

“Whatever. I just do what she tells me. She taught me how to bake those.”

“Your sister knows her stuff.”

“She’s a breeder.”

“Of...” Were there other Digletts identical to this one?

“Krystal focuses mainly on Corgis. Then, lo and behold, a neighbor’s dog sneaked into her backyard and knocked up one of her bitches.” Her laugh was more of a light snicker, a singsongy breath. “She held onto the last of the litter until she could con us together.”


Taeyeon’s heart slumped. This couldn’t be anything short of a miracle. Was she not meant to stumble upon Diglett’s twin?

Quietly, she lost herself in his intelligent gaze. Hunting for any recognition. Any glimmer in his eye that said he and Taeyeon were meant to be, to save him from this clueless woman who didn’t know dogs could taste.

“I think Lennon likes you.”

“Lennon,” Taeyeon repeated to herself. Not Diglett? Not a Pokémon name, at the very least? “Why Lennon?”

Her tone lifted. “My sister themed this litter on the The Beatles. Ringo, Georgina, Paulie, Lennon.” Her pale fingers sifted along Lennon’s neck, uncovering a gold tag engraved with his namesake in serif type.

In response to his proper title, Lennon leapt from Taeyeon’s lap to love on his owner. A blush of high envy singed her cheeks. Further reddening when the silly woman shrank back from the jump, complaining about scratching her legs and the canvas hardware sack on her shoulder.

She couldn’t appreciate Diglett Clone’s energy.


Taeyeon smoothed the well-worth creases in her pencil skirt. Spending no effort to force a smile. Her heart had been smashed again.

“My name’s Jessica.”

Taeyeon met eyes expertly accented with black, unashamed of her own tears. “Okay.”

If the crying worried Jessica, she didn’t show it. “And yours?”

Introducing herself to a circle of like-minded mourners was heaps preferable. Easier, trustworthy. She found nary one fleck of dog hair on Jessica’s tailored jacket. Obviously, she didn’t need Lennon’s companionship. Probably had a husband waiting at home. “Taeyeon,” she croaked. “Kim Taeyeon.”

“Have a nice night?”

She wouldn’t. “You, too.”

Despondent, Taeyeon ignored the bread bag she’d haphazardly shoved into her purse. There would be crumbs to clean in the morning and it didn’t matter. She leaned downward, smoothing Lennon’s soft head twice. What she really wanted was to kiss his nose, to call him Diggy, to take him home.

Taeyeon made space, gulping. She willed her arm to wave weakly, low for the dog, and turned to leave.

Not five seconds passed until she heard her name.

Jessica appeared at her back. “Hey, are you-”

Taeyeon faced her in a reluctant twirl. Couldn’t she break down in peace?

“It’s too late tonight, but,” she grinned, white fingernails digging into the leash loop, “tomorrow’s weather should be nice. Lennon and I are hitting up a park nearby around six-thirty. You’re welcome tag along, if you’re not busy.”

“R-really? You sure?”

Jessica shrugged as if this wasn’t a huge fucking deal. Which it was. “Why not? Didn’t I say Lennon likes you?”

Taeyeon blazed downward, exciting Lennon to wheel around in shortie circles. “I like you, too, boy! Oh, I’d love to join you at the park. We can fetch and—do you like fetch?” Her fingers trailed into his silky fur. She squished his face, making herself laugh. “We’re gonna have the best time!”

“I’ll meet you here?”

Stooped to the sidewalk, Taeyeon pressed her face into Lennon’s shoulder. He smelled like Diglett, too. She was so in love.


“Yeah, sure,” she said, stepping backward to control her topsy-turvy emotions. “I’ll see you-” Her pointer aimed right between Lennon’s eyes. “at six-thirty on the dot.”

With a final scratch to his ears, Kim Taeyeon scurried away with a pep in her step she’d long missed.

Was Kim Taeyeon for real?

This question swam circuits around Jessica’s head as she sat cross-legged on a park bench the following day, shaded beneath a swaying oak. She hooked her sunglasses at her collar. Late onset cataracts would be worth watching her afternoon companions recreate every happy dog food commercial ever. Starring a smiling, attractive human holding her arms out, expertly receiving a lunging dog’s return and unwedging a new ball from its jaw.

A toy Jessica didn’t buy.

Kim Taeyeon—from planet Not-Here—went out of her way to purchase a plaything for Lennon.

While Jessica studied the woman her age, clad in business attire save a pair of dingy Keds, she couldn’t help feeling a little baffled. It wouldn’t have been the first time a stranger faked interest in her dog just to troll for contact info. And a finely-detailed Taeyeon would’ve gained a resounding ‘yes’. Easily.

The woman was deliciously slight, an inch shy of Jessica’s own short stature. Hair colored a stylish bastard of grey and blonde. Gronde?

Yes, gronde-haired Taeyeon could get it. Wasn’t that what the universe told her? Right after she contemplated searching for love, love found her on the sidewalk outside. Literally perched at her feet.

…and essentially Frenching Lennon. She’d given Jessica the appraisal of one eyeing a stop light in rush hour traffic.


Jessica took a sly photo of Taeyeon hiking her slim arm for a half-field toss and sent it to Krystal. Subject line: ‘Look what Lennon fetched me.’

Too impatient to await an inevitably cynical response, Jessica wandered over to the field. Taeyeon and Lennon had been in constant play for well over an hour and she’d be damned to end up a lowly afterthought.

She muttered a partially pathetic “Am I missing anything?” once she approached Taeyeon bent at her haunches, highlighting a small—and admittedly cute—tush within her formfitting skirt’s fabric.

“You wanna throw?”

Her question imparted a smirk to Jessica’s lips. Taeyeon managed to pull her head far enough out of the dog’s ass to notice her. “Should I?”

“Lennon can keep this,” the gronde mumbled, play-wresting the lemon-yellow ball from clenched canine teeth. “He can’t have enough reasons to run around.”

Jessica grimaced at a sheen of slobber coating the toy. “Thanks, by the way. His energy runneth over.”

“I should be thanking you.”


Taeyeon offered the ball. “Chuck it far. He’s hella fast.”

Heeding her total lack of athleticism, Jessica swifted a quick ‘X’ with her arms to shield her pride. “I’d rather not.”

Wouldn’t want to make a fool of herself.

Not that she cared what Taeyeon thought.

“Suit yourself.”

Seconds later, the yellow sphere dotted the sky and her dog kicked up grass to meet its landing. As they whooped at an impressive mid-air catch, Jessica absorbed Taeyeon’s wispily adorable ponytail and guarded smile through big, brown eyes. Did this beauty have an active social life or...? “You really love animals, don’t you?”

A frown Jessica didn’t deserve followed Taeyeon’s curt, “Yep.”

“Have I offended you?”

“You’re such a quick boy, Lenny!” Taeyeon gushed, committed enough to dig her knees into the grass as she lovingly stroked the thick fur at Lennon’s neck. Voice hinted mystery once her eyes rose to Jessica’s. “You’ve done nothing wrong. I’m...” Her unvarnished nails scratched aimlessly. “I’m heartbroken.”

“Ah,” Jessica replied. No clue on how to unpack that. “Recently?”

Taeyeon pushed from the ground, dusting off her bare legs. “Here.”

Then, Kim Taeyeon greeted her in two strides. The damp ball plopped into hands Jessica couldn’t remember holding out. “Throw just once.”

Despite the faint grass and fur scent, Taeyeon smelled fresh, a soapy sort of clean. Sweet. Her long lashes fluttered melancholy, something palpably uncomfortable. Jessica’s lips formed an apology when warm, slender fingers curled over hers, over the ball.

“I’m not a happy person,” Taeyeon whispered. “I make disappointing company.”

“You’re not—”

“Don’t lie.” She chuckled grimly. “Lennon’s breeds dictate plenty of exercise, fresh air, safe stuff to chew. He...” She glanced to the stumpy dog sniffing the dirt at Jessica’s feet. “gravitates towards you. Looks at you often after he returns with a catch. It’s an exceptional bond, so don’t take it for granted.”

A bond? Jessica grazed Lennon’s side with an affectionate calf. She could’ve sworn the two of them merely tolerated each other’s presence. Like roommates. Well, roommates wherein the bigger one tended to the latter’s poop. “What are you doing after work next Thursday?”

Taeyeon’s lips quirked at the edges. “Nothing interesting.”

“Meet us here. Six-thirty again?”

Pure excitement glowed from Taeyeon. Jessica grew a bit jealous, picturing the hearted silhouette of a Corgi-Aussie mix in her dark eyes. “I wouldn’t be imposing?”

“You’re our honored guest.”

“Wow, thanks. I thought this would be a one-time—”

A sudden—and very welcome—stumble forward pressed Taeyeon closer. For a fraction of a dreamy moment, Jessica imagined a hug. Possibly a kiss. Until the hands clasping hers disappeared.

Taeyeon shot Lennon a soft glare. “His genes are telling him to herd us.” She smirked, shrugging. “Guess he thinks we belong together.”

And, as if she hadn’t spoken the most unintentionally romantic statement this side of a paperback novel, Taeyeon cruised to a less heart-pounding subject. “You gonna throw the ball or not?”

How's that for a return? Cute back-and-forth love story with a doggy! Nothing too deep, but I hope you'll enjoy. ^^ And please show some love if you find the time!

Btw, here's some cute photos of Corgi/Aussie mixes:

Date: 2017-04-23 09:22 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Wait, I'm dreaming right? You're writing Taengsic? ㅠㅠ lol not that you don't write Taengsic ever but I'm still too happy and surprised because Taengsic is my life boat. Hahaha damn, it's honestly off to such a great start with the beginning being super melodramatic. 😂 I'm excited and I'm really looking forward to the future updates. Thank you for such a fun comeback, Bra!

Date: 2017-04-28 05:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Not dreaming! This fic is real and so am I. :)))

Taengsic is my life boat.-- Graphic tee opportunity. I'd wear this.

Melodrama seems to follow our dear Taeyeon. Hopefully things get less weepy with Jessica lurking about.

Fun comeback! Wooooooooo approval of TaengSic loverssss

Until next chapter~~~~


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