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Next Taengsic-y chapter will be posted here at 12am EST, Saturday and it'll stay this way until the multishot is finished (unless stated otherwise). ^^

See y'all soon! Thanks for the feedback so far, btw. I appreciate it since I missed y'all. ;__;

Hope nobody minds these nightly posts from me lol

I get bored.

Eff sleep.

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Checks here!

So, this whole migration thing puts me in a weird spot when it comes to posting. For now, new content (including my newest TaengSic multishot) can be found here: Must Love Girls until I figure everything out. When I'm fully committed to a site, I'll let y'all know.

Go read my storyyyyy (and comment if you like it!)


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*whispers into void*

posting new fic at 12am EST, saturday

so, that's like....18.5 hours from now.......

*goes to bed*
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I'd rather not bring attention to myself for the watchful eyessss, but I do have a HUGE question to ask. In a one-question poll! It makes me pretty sad, BUT THE GAY SHAN'T DIE.

PS: I'm on the last couple chapters of a multishot! Woooo!

This may not be my home for long... [clicky clicky]
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Finished a 5k+ oneshot for y'all. All I gotta do is edit, which is the fun part!

Idk who will see this post, but I'm freaking pleased because I get to put out more content! It won't make your heads explode, sadly, but it's something! More than likely, it'll drop at midnight EST (y'all know my style) on the 31st to ship off this cray cray year right. So, if you're up on Friday night (technically Saturday, since it'll be 12am--asfkldsfjsf or if you're in another time zone, ignore me), come and give me a holla!

I wonderrrrr who the pairing will be~~~

<333 checkinyourbra
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Y'all, I'm so stressed out. ;____;

That double project turned into a triple project, meaning Part 8 is sitting in my files, totally unedited. I even managed to write at least a thousand more words, but it's all useless if it's not coherent. I want to be well-rested to answer all of your feedback, double-check my chapter, and not half-ass anything just because I'm spinning too many plates at once.

I really hate taking longer than originally planned, so please accept my sincerest apologies and a basket of imaginary croissants. Or a sadder, pathetic lapdance. D;

Here's a tiny pre-edit snippet of the next chapter's intro (captured straight from Evernote! haha):

See y'all on the other side (next Saturday),

//cries more
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Checkinyourbra here!!

Soooo, remember when I said that holidays may get crazy? Well, they're not crazy per se, but I'm surrounded by family and old friends and food and I'm getting babied by my parents (yaaay) and it's not the optimal environment to stalk away and work on my lesbian fanfiction.

ALTHOUGH, I'll break this down in a good news/bad news way~

Bad News: A Greener Grass update is highly unlikely for this upcoming Friday (Christmas Day) and there may be a slight delay for New Year's because I'll be drunk celebrating with frands.
Good News: Y'all, I wanna get this fic right, so I'm adding another chapter to this ongoing. ^^

Please be patient with my madness. And don't shy from leaving feedback on Chapter 04; I was pretty anxious about that one. I hope y'all survived it. >_>

Happy Holidays--or just Happy Days, in case you don't celebrate any!!!

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I realized that in my sexcitement, I forgot to tell y'all when this fic will be updated. SILLY ME. ;D

I'm thinkin' once a week around midnight EST on Fridays (or Saturdays) unless holiday life gets too crazy. EITHER WAY. I'M HERE FOR YOU. SOMEONE FUND ME SO I CAN JUST WRITE ALL DAY. I'll accept Paypal, Venmo, bank transfers, etc. hahaha

So, yeah. There ya go.


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